About Emmares

Coinexpressway is strengthening its partnership with Emmares — They are creating a global digital reputation of email content providers and their contents. Based on trusted evaluations and Quality score, recipients can find the best content based on their interests.

Imagine a world of e-mail without spam, with only high quality targeted content. EMMARES, short for Email Marketing Rewarding System, is an evaluation system that highly benefits email marketers (senders) as well as email recipients (therefore everyone who uses email).

How does it work?

Email marketers

By signing up to EMMARES system, email MARKETERS get a chance to reach more targeted customers that are interested in their content. As they are sending content that is well accepted by their recipients, they get a chance to use EMMARES system for expanding their reach and work toward better results and higher ROI.They invest in the rewarding pool, which is a base for rewarding EMMARES users(Email recipients), who evaluate their content

Email recipients

In return for evaluating the content that they receive from various email marketers(senders), the recipients get tokens from the rewards pool.For each assessment, the email recipient(user) receives tokens from the email marketer whose content was evaluated.

About Coinexpressway

CoinExpressWay is your window into the world of cryptocurrency, gathering data from more than 200 exchanges to bring you real - time prices for over 3, 000 coins.We compare prices of different exchanges and show you the best ones.

We perform analyzes of all new coin launches, ensuring that our users have the information they need to make informed trades.We encourage you to send an e - mail to info@coinexpressway.com if you have any questions regarding our platform.

We believe in the power of innovation in the financial world.Cryptocurrencies are the center of our work.That’s why we try to raise the experience of those who are facing this revolution, offering the best price details.